How to make a living through blogging- A step by step guide

For some years now, blogging have become a very serious business in Nigeria and all over the world. People now make a living and even live large through blogging but the sad news is that blogging requires a lot of patience

You can find a lot of blogs in Nigeria where people talk about their experiences and their favourite topics. Bloggers in Nigeria earn a lot of cash nowadays and they just do what they love the most – share their thoughts online. However, not everyone has enough to become popular all over the country and make money online in Nigeria. There has to be something new, interesting and captivating about your blog, otherwise, it will just be lost among thousands of others.

Blogging is popular because many people want to read thoughts of the same ordinary citizens as them. Of course, it depends on their interests – some like reading about sports, some enjoy fashion, and others are into political topics. The readers get new interesting information, and the bloggers get money, depending on the number of followers who are interested in their posts.

Usually, beginners do not realize what it takes to become a successful blogger. They think it is alright to publish a couple of posts and then wait for money. Some attempt copying other people’s posts and reposting them on their blog. However, these schemes definitely will not make you rich. And the person who starts a blog does not start making money overnight, so it requires a lot of patience, time, and of course, passion to create a successful and popular blog. This guide will explain to you how to become a blogger.

Here, we will provide you with a full and complete instruction about blogging. You will learn how to make money in Nigeria with your own blog.

Step 1 – Choose the topic of blogging

The first and main decision that you can take as a future blogger is figuring out which topic you want to post about. Some of the beginner bloggers just post their chaotic thoughts and this is the first mistake they make because the reader always wants an organized blog about something specific. Of course, the point of blogging is to write up your thoughts. However, if you want to become a professional, these thoughts should be aimed at the clearly determined audience.

One of the main goals of a professional blogger is to build up a reputation. And of course, this cannot be built on everything – you have to earn a reputation in your own circle. For instance, you cannot be a sports and fashion blogger at the same time, because these topics are completely different, and if you really want to post about both, you should create two separate blogs for this purpose, where you will have two different audiences.

When you choose what to blog about, you have to choose something that you are really passionate about. This is a key point of blogging – if you blog about something that you are not interested in, it will quickly become a chore for you instead of pleasure, and you risk abandoning your blog in a short amount of time. Passion directly influences your reputation and income, and without it, you have a high chance to give up.

If you are unsure what your passion is, brainstorm it. Ask yourself questions about your hobbies, topics that you usually discuss with friends, things that you spend money on, types of movies you watch, books you read, and websites you visit. Even though it should preferably be something unusual and unique, you should make sure that a wide audience will still be interested in it – otherwise, you risk blogging only for yourself or ten people at best.

Step 2 – Pick a reliable blogging platform

What is a blog platform, may you ask? It is the online software which makes you able to create a blog and maintain it. The online blog platform offers the users special interface for blogging and posting content. You become able to write the posts, format and edit them, add photos and videos, and many more things. You can also customize the look of your blog to your preference. Most of the modern blog platforms also offer their users special plug-ins which extend the general functionality of the blog and make it useful and easy in use for the readers.

The choice of the online platform is really important and it should be taken seriously by the beginner bloggers. You can switch it of course, but it requires a lot of technical knowledge and is quite a challenging work. Before you start a blog, you should take into account all the pros and cons of the different blogging platforms.

One of the first choices for the potential bloggers is WordPress. It is flexible and has a huge amount of plug-ins that allows you customize the blog – no other platform offers this wide functionality. By the way, WordPress also has a community, where you can always find users who will help you with challenges you face, and support your blog. So, if you are planning to start your own blog in 2018, you should definitely pick WordPress. Some of the other popular platforms include Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium. All of them have benefits and drawbacks, so you should browse the information about them and decide if it would be good for you to use them.

WordPress is divided into two types: and is a self-hosted version and has more freedom to offer the users., unfortunately, has some limitations.

Step 3 – Choose a unique domain name

The domain name is your address on the Internet. For instance, the domain of this website is Here are some of the tips how to choose the best domain name:

  • Make it memorable. When you are playing the name in your mind, you should want to visit the website and be interested in its content. It should easily slip off the tongue.
  • Add the keyword in your domain. For example, if you are blogging about football, it will be more effective if you let your readers know that your blog is about football by including the related words in the domain name.
  • Keep the future expansions of your blog in consideration.
  • Use the popular TLD – top-level domain. This is the combination of letters which end the domain name. The most popular ones are com., org., net. Com. is the most popular top-level domain, so you should definitely choose it. It will indicate that your blog is reliable.
  • Do not use the names of registered trademarks and business brands. You risk getting in legal trouble if you steal someone’s business name.

You can choose the availability of your domain name at the domain name registrar, and if it is free, you can purchase it. Also, you can buy it from the hosting company.

Step 4 – Choose the hosting company and buy the domain

So, you have picked the domain name, and you want to start hosting your blog. What is a web hosting company? It is a company which provides you file storage on the servers that are connected to the Internet, so they will be accessible for your followers through your domain name. All the articles, images, and other content are stored by the web host. You only need to connect the domain name with servers of the web host. If you purchase your domain name directly from the web hosting service, the servers will be connected automatically.

There are, however, a lot of benefits of having the separate domain and web hosting. You can always change the hosting service if the quality of your current web hosting disappoints you. Some of the hosting companies offer the free domain name, but this offer loses its appeal soon.

Also, you will need cash for maintaining the monthly hosting of your blog. It depends on the traffic that your blog uses. During the first year, the company can offer you a discount, so a good advice would be to pay more attention to the real price and not the discounted one. Sometimes, the discounts can even reach 90%.

Step 5 – Install the software

If you have chosen the WordPress platform, you should know that most of the trustworthy hosting companies already have the installation button on their server. When you are going through setup, you will be required to enter the name of your site, e-mail address, username, and password. Make sure to choose a reliable password.

When you log into your account, you can start tweaking your blog and changing its design. On WordPress, as well as on the other similar sites, there are a lot of free themes. But you can opt for a paid theme – they usually look more professional. The theme will usually cost you from 30$ to $50. However, the successful blog is not all about the looks and design but also great content that would attract the public. Are you wondering about how to make your content appealing? Here are some major characteristics:

  • Your content should be useful for the public. It needs to have keywords in the right places and be tagged appropriately.
  • It has to solve the popular question that many people might be searching for an answer to.
  • It has to be unique. Copying the other blogs will not get you anywhere.
  • The really great content is easy in understanding and reading.
  • It also includes pictures when it is necessary. However, do not go overboard with them.

When you get a decent amount of posts, you can register your blog with the help of webmaster tools of search engines like Google and Bing, and add the code that will track and analyze your page – Google Analytics. This will show your blog on search, and provide you with the information about your audience and traffic, which will help you to create better content to satisfy public. Also, it is important to start the social media accounts connected to your blog, where you will give your followers information about all the latest updates. Social media is the best way to let people know about your blog.

How to make actual money from blogging?

The amount of money you earn fully depends on your blog traffic and reputation. For gaining a good reputation, you should constantly offer the new, unique, and relevant content of high quality, with proper keywords and tags. You should make new posts on your blog every day or at least three times a week. You have to make your blog different from the others that post about similar topics. Also, you should not forget about maintaining your social media accounts related to the blog and interacting with your fans on there. No one will want to support a cold internet persona who never replies or engages in conversations. Generally, you should understand that professional blogging, like any other work that you get money for, takes a lot of time, effort, and perseverance. But one day you will find yourself being satisfied with your blog and income.

For maintaining the blog traffic, you should always put out the good quality content and use the wise ways to promote your blog. Most people use search engines like Google when they are looking for Internet content, so you will have to learn the popular SEO strategies and raise your blog in the search results according to them. The other traffic sources include the feeds, social media promotions, e-mail lists, blog directories etc. By the way, many blogs also earn money by placing advertisements, selling them to visitors, or using the certain advertising networks, for example, Adsense.

Once you have the decent reputation and traffic on your blog, making money is much easier. You will definitely have to go through a lot of learning and develop your own strategy, but in the end, the results will pay off. Happy blogging!