How to Make Money (#120000 per month) from phone and battery charging business

I once visited a phone charging spot around my area and I was shocked when I saw the number of phones that were plugged there to charge belonging to different persons. 

I decided to make some enquiries about the business from the girl operating it in other to write about it, and she revealed to me that she gets as high as hundred phones in a day to charge for her customers.
So I decided to do a quick arithmetic about the profit margin of the business based on the data I gathered from the girl and found out that she makes as high as #120,000 just by charging phones for people.

The question now is "how is phone and battery charging business this lucrative?"

The answer to that question is because of the epileptic power supply in Nigeria.
Some areas in Nigeria hardly sees NEPA light for weeks, while some see it but it doesn't last.
Also, some people may have transformer issue and so on. So all of this contributes to the reason why phone and battery charging business is lucrative in Nigeria and other African countries.

So what are the requirements to start a phone charging business and how much is needed for the business

1. You need to look for a good location with reasonable population of people especially students area or market area. But you need to make sure that any location you are about to use has little or no power supply around the area.
Then once you have gotten a suitable location, then you now look for a short to rent or u can look for a space and install a container or perhaps hire a carpenter to build a small shop for you.
Some even start from an open space with no shop or container but just with an umbrella.

2. You need to construct the board with sockets where you plug the chargers and this can cost you about #23,000 to do both the electrical and carpentry work needed
As a beginner, you can start with about 50 sockets and increase it as your customers increase.

3. You need a generator to provide you with power supply to run the business and you have to make sure that the generator is strong enough to serve you from 8am- 9pm when you will close.
It is advisable to start with I pass my neighbor generator as a beginner in other to minimize fuel consumption.
A fairly used I pass my neighbor my  generator can be gotten at the rate of #15,000 

4. You will need different kinds of chargers for the business such as brush mouth chargers, small and big pin chargers, desktop chargers etc in other to meet with your customers demands.
Note also that some customers may come with their own chargers
You can budget #5000 for chargers

5. You need a table and a seat to sit down and write the tags with names and numbers to paste on your customers phones for easy identification to avoid giving out someone's phone or battery to another person.
A good plastic table and chair may cost about #6,000

6. You must have a tally or card printed with numbers to give to your customers which they will show you when they come to pick up their phones. This will help you to make sure you don't give out someone's phone to another person.
As a starter, you can just cut cartons and write numbers on them maybe from 1-100 instead of going to print plastic cards which maybe be a bit expensive.

Once you have done all this, you are now set for business.
What you now have to do is to fuel your generator and start business

What is the profit margin of phone charging business

Now let's look at the profit margin of this phone and battery charging business.
Let's assume you charge up to 100 phones and batteries or even rechargeable lamps in a day
And you charge #50 per item and work from Monday to Saturday ie 24 days approximately in a month.

So each day you make #50 x 100 which will give you #5000 

So calculating that for 24 days, you will have #5000 x 24 which will give you #120,000 every month

So with this analysis, you can now see that phone charging business is very lucrative and some bank workers does not even earn as high as #120,000 in a month.

Now that you have read my own analysis of this business, what do you think, you can drop any suggestions, questions or additions in the comments section.
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