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Thursday, September 10, 2020

How to Apply for Shell Graduate Program and Work with the International Energy Company

Have your dreams always been to work in an international energy/ oil company like shell, then, then this post post is going to be very useful in guiding you on how to apply for the shell graduate program, how and when to apply for it, the requirements for applying for it and how to make sure that your application is successful.

If you want to build your career right after your graduation, you should definitely consider the Shell graduate program. Through this program, you will be able to work at hands-on projects, receive structured information and get immediate feedback from your supportive colleagues.

Regardless of your area of work, be it commercial or technical functions, you will have the opportunity to get exceptional training. It will not only boost your skills, but also broaden your career opportunities.


Depending on what you choose as your profession, you will be participating in a development programme that can last fromm two to five years. During those years, you will see all of the company’s areas for yourself. The duration of the program involves several rotations, which allows you to receive formal training, as well as learn directly on the job.

Shell offers a competitive salary, benefits and the opportunity to improve your knowledge in your chosen field. Through the whole program, you will have the support of the supervisor, who you can turn to for guidance and feedback.

Are you excited yet?

If yes, then continue reading to learn about the details of the application process.

How does Shell application process work

Before you get to the application itself, the first thing that you need to do is to find out what graduate programmes are available for your country. You can do it on the company’s website. Click here and check it out yourself.

You can also use the degree matcher that you can find on the same website. With the help of this tool, you will be able to find a suitable career opportunity based on your degree specialty.

You can fill in the application from scratch or use your LinkedIn profile to save time. However, the whole application should take less than 10 minutes. After filling out the form, you will need to complete the online assessments.

There are three tasks in total, and they should take around 40 minutes to finish. You will have ten days to complete them from the moment you receive the tasks, but do not leave them for the last day. Make sure you are in the right state of mind for the test before starting it. You only have one shot.

You might be wondering:

What are the tasks that you would need to perform? The first one is a cognitive test, which consists of three smaller tasks. It is meant to assess your numerical skills, abstract reasoning and verbal skills. It is timed, so you will only have four minutes for each section. You can take a practice test if you follow this link.

The second one is the assessment of your working style. This segment is meant to determine your working style and behaviour based on your personality and responses. It is not timed and there are no wrong answers. Just be yourself and answer truthfully. However, make sure you know about the values of Shell. At the end, you will get a report based on your answers.

The third one is a video interview. In this segment, you will have to record a video of yourself answering the pre-recorded questions that you get from one of the current graduates. You will have three minutes for each answer and 30 seconds of preparation. Make sure that you have a working microphone and good Internet connection before going for this task.

What is next?

If you have passed stage 1, you move on to stage 2. It consists only of a face-to-face interview, which is going to be your final assessment. However, it is the hardest and the most important part of the whole application process.

Before you are invited for the interview, you will receive a case study for a review two days prior to the assessment. During the interview, you will have to give a five-minute presentation on a topic relevant to your case study. Do not worry, you will have 20-30 minutes to prepare your presentation.

Then your two interviewers will question you on your presentation for up to half an hour. After that, they will interview you to get to know you better and to tell you more about working at Shell. If all is well, you will get an answer as soon as the decision has been made. And that is all you need to know about the application process!

This year, the applications were accepted from June 1st until June 14th 2017. However, you can still use the information we have provided you with and prepare for the next year’s application.

If you want to apply in the future, you will need to:

☑ have an undergraduate degree;

☑ graduate with at least 2:1 degree (second class upper);

☑ have finished your NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) programme.

Your degree should be in one of the following fields: Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Metallurgical or Petroleum Engineering; Finance; Geology; Geophysics; Law; Mathematics; Finance; Social Science or Statistics

Based on your course of study, you can go for the following trainee roles in the commercial, corporate and technical areas of Shell’s business:

☛ Commercial Adviser

☛ Discipline Engineer

☛ Geophysicist

☛ Production Engineer

☛ Production Geologist

☛ Project Engineer

☛ Reservoir Engineer

☛ Well Engineer

Additionally, you can also choose to be a Human Resource Analyst. So look at your diploma, think of what you would want to do with your career and apply next time!

About Shell Nigeria

Shell is a large multinational group of companies that work with petrochemicals and energy. It exists in over 70 countries and employs more than 93,000 people on average. It is the oldest energy company in Nigeria, as it was established all the way back in 1937. It accounts for more than 20% of the total petroleum production in Nigeria.

The company is known for its innovative approach to energy and petrol production. Shell uses state-of-the-art technologies to achieve a better future for the whole world.

Now you know everything there is to know about the Shell graduate programme. Do you want to apply for it next time? Is working in the energy business your dream? Then go for it and good luck!

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