Causes of Boils on Private Parts ; Prevention Methods and Some Home Remedies

Boils are pus-filled inflamed bumps that develop under the skins of private parts. Many times, these boils develop on the skin surface of private parts or on sensitive surrounding surfaces that intermediates the internal and external organs.
Boils often develop on the private parts because such areas are basically under cover all the time, get little or no air and obviously are usually shaved with razors. They therefore form when hair follicles are blocked causing an infection to develop on under the follicles.

A boil usually starts as a small, red bump but under a few days develops into a swollen, tender and painful spot with a white or yellow tip filled with pus.

Some boils may look similar to pimples, but the tenderness, reddish surrounding and locations make the difference.

Originally, boils are no cause for a concern as they appear and disappear within days or weeks, but in situations where they become painful, irritating and reoccurring, there is need to apply some simple home remedies that have been medically proven to be very effective or seek medical attention.

Before we look at the remedies, check out the causes first:

10 Major Causes Of Boils On Private Parts
- Shaving

2- Poor or bad immune system

3- Poor hygiene

4- Sharing sharp objects with someone who has boils

5- Having small cuts on the skin

6- Having certain skin conditions like eczema and acne.

Other common causes are:

7 - Ingrown hairs from shaving

8 - Infections like staph

9 - Rubbing or friction from tight clothes

10 - Sharing bathing materials like towels and sponges. Bacterias are transferable from one material to another body if they are not properly cleaned and dried.

These are the major causes of boils on the private parts.

How To Treat Boils At Home

Before treating boils, first note that they are caused by bacteria which are often accompanied by dirt. It is therefore necessary to wash your hands properly before and after treatment.

1- Do not pop or prick the boil
This is the first and foremost thing to know. Do not pop the boil as it is capable of spreading to the surrounding areas of the current spot.

Resist the urge to prick it. If it is itching, painful or irritating, try number 2 below.

2 - Apply Warm Compress
Get a warm water inside your bowel, a piece of small towel. Soak and slightly squeeze the towel then place it on the boil. Leave it for 10 - 20 minutes and remove.

Note: Do not scrub the boil tip with the towel. Just place and hold it.

The essence of this compress is to release the clonged blood and make it easier for blood to flow freely into the affected area, allowing more white blood cells and antibodies to flow in and fight the bacteria, ease irritations and heal the boil afterwards.

Repeat this process for at least 3 times daily.

3 - Wear lose underwears whenever you are treating boils
Wearing tight-fitted underwears is among the most common causes of boils in private parts. It is therefore advised to avoid this when you are treating boils. if possible, it is advisable to wear netted and free underwears (even when you do not have boils) that allows the passage of sufficient air and reduces the chances of friction.

4 - Apply ointments
Ointments like petroleum jelly can help prevent the boil from bursting as this can cause a spread of the bacteria to close areas. Some antiinflammatories and antibiotics ointments can also be purchased from drug stores on the streets.

In a more local sense, red oil has been confirmed for sooth irritations from boils and help heal the inflammation. While some mix it with salt for a faster result others apply only red oil and patiently wait for the result.

However, this is least practiced since red oil will not allow the carrier do wear clothes to avoid stain.

You can also:

Apply neem oil, castor oil, tea tree oil or Epsom salt.

5 - Take a painkiller
If the boil is painful and irritating, it is advisable to take some painkiller to ease the pains and inflammation. Ibuprofen is a good recommendation for this but must be taken on doctors prescription.

To prevent further boils in the private part, adhere strictly to these simple instructions:

1 - Change your shaving razor frequently
A dull raxor can increase the chances of having ingrown hair in the public areas. Change razors or blades after using for 2-4 times.

2. Do not share razors and other shaving materials.

Sharing razors with others is a great risk. Keep your razor clean, dry and away from others including your spouse.

3 - Do not dry-shave
Shaving in the shower, while bathing or using shaving lotions helps reduce friction on the hairs during shaving - preventing chances of boils from growing.

4 - Shave in the direction of hair growth
Shaving against your hair growth direction promotes ingrown hairs which increased the chances of developing boils.

5 - Constantly exfoliate your public areas
Removal of dead skin cells from your public areas can help unblock clonged follicles making the growth of bacteria almost impossible.

A mixture of sugar and honey can do a great job in this area as sugar is naturally an exfoliating substance with honey which nourishes the skin.

6 - Complete your antibiotic prescription
If your doctor had prescribed any antibiotics for you, make sure to complete them. Stopping before you complete the entire dosage may cause reinfections.

7 - Treat for staphylococcus aureus
Staphylococcus aureus are bacteria found on the skin surface which commonly is responsible for boils and othee common akin infections. This will need medical attention and is only considerable when the boils continues to reoccur.

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